Speedy Service

"Fast speedy service.  Bought a new volvo, and the dealership was taking forever.  The sales guy told me to call Merrit and I was driving down the road 2 days later" 

-- Dennis T. - Trucking


"I lost a major contract and fell behind, little embarrassing to admit, but Merrit Capital helped me stay organized and ensure that my payments were made up." -- Lorenzo G. - Construction Company Owner

Great Terms

"I was always under the impression that I had to put 10% down, the folks at Merrit Capital got me into my new truck with 90 days of no payments to start my lease.  Man that made things easy."

-- Freddy B. - Trucking

Creative Financing

"I was so impressed with the structure that Merrit put together for me, my bank literally laughed me out of the building; but not Merrit Capital, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be in business today."

-- George T. -- Waste Industry

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"Love calling into the office, Megan is great, gets me anything I need and it makes tax time a breeze tracking down all my amm schedules."

-- Amanda S. -- Restaurant Owner

Easy to deal with

"I have all my leases with Merrit.  Its as simple as an email with the invoice of what I am buying and  I get a call with my approval and docs are ready to sign.  Wouldn't have it any other way."

-- Derrick S. -- Construction Company Owner 

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