Here's what Merrit Capital brings to the table:



  • Terms from 18 months - 72 months
  • As little as nothing down ($0.00) at time of signing
  • Up to 90 days of no payments to start your lease or loan contract
  • $10.00 residuals 
  • 10% residuals
  • 15% residuals
  • 20% residuals
  • Seasonal Payments to coincide with your busy season
  • Skip payments built into your custom payment stream
  • HST/GST balloon payments

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Merrit Capital offers 3 tiers of rates:

Tier 1 (Triple A Credit)

  • Long tenured established incorporated company
  • Strong revenues in excess of $10mm
  • Sound, solid balance sheet
  • Strong EBITA
  • Asset does not necessarily dictate structure in this category
  • Rates start at 3.95% - 5.95%

Tier 2 (A Credit)

  • 5 + years in business
  • Can be a sole proprietor or incorporated company
  • Home owner with good personal credit
  • Desirable asset, both in make and year (example of a non-desirable asset would be: looking to buy a 2002 long haul highway tractor) 
  • Good work program
  • Rates start at 5.95% - 8.95%

Tier 3 (Sub-prime)

  • Poor credit, little or no credit
  • Non-homeowner with poor credit, little or no credit
  • Buying non-desirable asset (example: 2002 highway tractor)
  • Previous bankruptcy, but off support of bankruptcy and re-establishing credit
  • New business owner expanding operations
  • Rates start at 8.95% - 25%

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Full Service Support

Need a payout or trade up on a contract.  Contact our head office and we will have it to you right away.  Copies of misplaced lease agreements, no problem.  Again, contact the head office and we will get a replacement copy to you immediately.  Need a power of attorney letter, again we will have it to you right away.  Copies of amortization schedules, no problem we are here to make sure you have all the paper work you or your accountant require at anytime.

Nationwide Service

Do you live in Sudbury, Ontario or do you live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Maybe you live in Moncton, New Brunswick or Calgary, Alberta?  We have representatives that service the entire county.  Anywhere in Canada.  

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